What is Breezmed?

Breezmed is the name of the company I created to commercialize a software solution I invented.   The purpose of the software is to simplify a process called prior authorization.  You may not know what prior authorization is, so here are the basics…

Health insurance companies created Prior Authorization as a way to keep doctors and other healthcare providers from prescribing very expensive medications when there are cheaper options that are just as effective.

Prior authorization involves forms that prescribers complete and fax to the patient’s insurance company in order to document that the patient meets all the appropriate criteria before the medication can be prescribed.  This usually involves trying cheaper alternatives first, but there are also other rules for certain medications.

This process has morphed into something entirely different now that insurance companies get big rebates for steering prescribers toward certain medications, regardless of whether it is the best choice for the patient.

In addition, doctors and other prescribers are now spending several days every week completing prior authorizations.  This means they aren’t able to spend as much time with patients.  This hurts patient care and causes burnout in healthcare providers who have to work extra long hours because they aren’t paid for the time they are spending on completing prior authorizations.

The reason I know all of this is because I am a physician and have had to deal with prior authorizations myself.  It’s a real mess.

Here’s a short video about prior authorization.

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