The Breezmed Solution

Breezmed is the first software solution designed from the providers perspective. Breezmed was created by physicians and focuses on improving the provider’s workflow or efficiency. Breezmed integrates into the healthcare provider’s workflow seamlessly, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Breezmed is designed to make the process simple for the healthcare provider and his/her patient.

Breezmed presents the medication list to the provider at the point of care. The medication list is generated from a proprietary algorithm. Breezmed interfaces with the EHR to present the medications in the normal workflow. Each medication is presented with formulary status and prior authorization requirements clearly identified. The prior authorization form is then automatically presented for signature and submission.

Breezmed moves the prior authorization into the clinic. Breezmed is the clinical decision support system that brings the patient and the provider together in an intelligent decision making partnership.